Seminar “Health dangers in Hotels”

AgroSpeCom organizes the seminar “Health dangers in Hotels” in Plaza Hotel, Rhodes, on April 5th, 2016. This high quality seminar specializes on health and hygiene problems in hotels, offering solutions and preventive measures The guest professor of entomology, Dr. Christos Athanasiou, from the University of Thessaly presents on insects and public health. The manager of AgroSpeCom Mr. Vasilis Sotiroudas introduces new technologies in food safety in hotels. Finally Mr. Nikos Bakaris, the Veterinarian of AgroSpeCom presents on food poisoning & Legionella crisis management. The seminar has more than 100 participants from the biggest hotels in Rhodes. View the program and photos here... read more

Hellenic Entomological Society: Athanasios Sotiroudas Scholarship

The Hellenic Entomological Society(HES) awarded the Athanasios Sotiroudas Scholarship of 2015-2016 in a ceremony that took place during the Agrotica Expo on Saturday January 30th, 2016. Athanasios Sotiroudas the founder of AgroSpeCom, together with Dimitrios Kontodimas the President of HES awarded the Scholarshipto the selected students at the GEOTEE booth. “I wish that you have important achievements in your lives and that this reward will give you a smile that is equally important to hard work” underlined Mr. Sotiroudas during the ceremony. The Athanasios Sotiroudas Scholarship is awarded yearly to a graduate student who chooses Stored Product Entomology for his Master degree. You may see the photos or read more on this event on the HES Newsletter, here... read more

Round table: «The certification in pest management business»

The event that took place at the 4th of April, in Agricultural Sciences Institute, with topic “Training in Pest Management”( led to the need of organizing a meeting between the involved organizations for the certification in pest management business. Therefore at the 30rd of September hosted at the building of EOPPEP, the european cofunded project PEST PRACTICE in collaboration with SEAME and EOPPEP organized a meeting with topic: «The certification in pest management business» between the organizations involved, . Representatives of Benakeio Institute (, SEAME (, EOPPEP (, Ministry of Agricultural Development and food (, Institute of Agricultural Sciences (, SEVT ( and  Hellenic Food Authority (EFET) ( participated in the... read more

Food Technology. For Food at its Best.

This video explains how food technology in Europe meets the highest control standards to keep us safe, our food fresh and tasty, and our economy strong. It provides simple explanations such as how the shelf-life of food is prolonged and how food technologies are present in our everyday lives. The video addresses the growing awareness of European consumers who have high expectations on the need for food to be fresh, safe and healthy, but who may not be aware of or feel confident in the food technology used to meet these... read more