AgroSpeCom was founded in 1980 by Athanasius and Catherine Sotiroudas with the vision of high-quality service. The company of 3-4 people supported giants like Cargill, providing a high quality service supported by high level knowledge. Today, AgroSpeCom aims to service with “zero errors” and total quality by using the knowledge of 15 Scientists specializing in Food.
In 1980, AGROSPECOM starts its first activity which is to supervise cargo ships at the port of Thessaloniki. Until 1987 AgroSpeCom conducts cargo surveys abroad, in Iran, Syria, and Lebanon.
Within 1996 and 2001 Frito-Lay Company, buys Costanza corn from Greece for the production of Doritos. AgroSpeCom takes over the inspections of the product from field to factory.
Since 1994 AgroSpeCom is a member of the Greek Quality Forum with participation in the Board and since 2000, is a member of the Association of Greek Pest Controllers – SEAME (www.seame.gr) with participation in the Board. AgroSpeCom’s CEO has been the President of SEAME for six years and currently he is the vice President of the association.
In 1998 Vasilis Sotiroudas starts working as a freelancer for ELOT in ISO inspections of the biggest Food industries in Greece.  The following years he will work for Eurocert, Lloyds and Certification International as well.
In 1999 AgroSpeCom starts representing Insects Limited Inc. company’s Pheromone traps in Greece and Balkans. Insects Limited traps are produced in Indianapolis USA.
In 2000 AgroSpeCom presents the application for fields cartography in the GEAPS seminar which took place in Phoenix.
In 2001 Insects Limited Inc. and AgroSpeCom organize the 5th World Conference for Fumigants & Pheromones.
In 2008 AgroSpeCom assumes the exclusive representation of the German system THERMONOX in Greece concerning control of insects with the use of heat. The thermal treatment of food industrial sites, premises of hygienic concern and pallets, is an innovative activity in Greece and AgroSpeCom is the first company in the sector of pest control to make an investment of 150.000 euros. Moreover, in 2008 AgroSpeCom starts using heat to treat pallets based on the ISPM-15 standard and receives from the Greek Ministry of Rural Development and Food the code Number 034. So far AgroSpeCom remains the only pest control company that provides the ISPM-15 certificate. Other companies that have this license in Greece are companies manufacturing or trading pallets.
In 2011, AgroSpeCom, continuing the innovative course in the area of thermal disinfection, signs a contract with the US company TempAir and obtains the exclusive right to represent the company in Europe. The German Thermonox requires the use of electricity as opposed to American technology that uses the most “green” solution: gas and propane.
Moreover, in 2008 the company becomes the exclusive representative of the Dutch system EcO2 in Greece. Thus, the cooperation with EcO2 BV leads AgroSpeCom to establishing EcO2-Greece. The new company is engaged in the disinfestation of chamber loads in modified atmosphere with nitrogen and oxygen reduction of the closed chamber at 1%. The method takes considerable acceptance of more than 10 well known companies in the food industry. The Method is acceptable for Biological Products. In 2009 AgroSpeCom implements the 1st rat extermination in industrial level, by using CO2.
In 2011 the company leased a 1,500 m2 warehouse in Inofyta and installs private equity in 3 EcO2 modified atmosphere chambers with a clean room for safe storage of products and a loading chamber. This creates the Safe Foods Logistics, which provides logistics services along with providing an innovative disinfection processes for the Greek standards, 100% environmentally friendly and with no risk to public health, as no chemical fumigants are used, so no residues may be left on food and no chemicals may leak to the atmosphere.
Vision Statement
Using the latest technology and highly trained scientists, we offer services of exquisite quality with zero mistakes for ensuring food safety.
We aim to be an invaluable partner of the food industry in Greece and abroad.
To accomplish our vision we invest on innovation, we are continuously trained and we measure our performance.
Excellency is our only option.

Mission Statement
Towards accomplishing our vision we:

  • Focus on research and innovation that will improve both our services and our products
  • Train our employees providing them knowledge of contemporary methods and standards
  • Establish routine monitoring of the services we provide
  • Establish methods to penetrate new markets and sectors.
  • Continue to serve the food sector with seamless performance and excellence.

AgroSpeCom maintains a Quality Management System certified accorinding to the International Standard ISO 9001:2008. The three basicprinciples of this International Standard is the process approach, the customer focus approach and continuous improvement. So the company has segmented its range operations into processes with discrete inputs and outputs, and monitors them with specific measurable key performance indicators (KPIs) on an annual and semi-annual basis. In the context of the customer focus approach, the company has recognized the service as an independent process driven by the Customer Satisfaction Index and the Index of Customer Complaints. Within the framework of continuous improvement, the company’s goal is to optimize the indices in order to offer  high quality and high standards services and products.
Furthermore, AgroSpeCom maintains a Food Safety Management System certified accorinding to the requirements of the International Standard ISO 22000:2005. In this context, the company has recognized all the risks that can be posed by the range of its activities in the food chain, particularly within the areas of production where its staff and equipment are involved, such as the interaction of heating equipment with existing equipment of a production environment, the impact of movement of people near food production lines etc.. The result of this analysis is to have issued procedures to minimize any potential risk associated with food safety.
Since 1999, AgroSpeCom is a member of Gafta (Grain and Feed Trade Association), thus is an accredited institution to carry out quality checks and weight controls during import or export of shipments. Based on agreed specifications conducts audits using official sampling techniques and issues the relevant certificates.