Insect control, Heat Treatment

Since 2008, AgroSpeCom has applied in Greece the method of thermal treatment for the control of insects. The company acquired the exclusive rights to use and promote the German technology ThermoNox. The ThermoNox system runs on electric energy and increases the room temperature at a level that destroys not only the perfect insects, but their eggs, too. Heat treatment application is safe and 100% green. All stages of insects die when exposed to 50˚C for 24 hours for the following reasons:

  1. Due to melting of cell membranes.
  2. Due to protein denaturation.
  3. Due to destruction of certain enzymes and
  4. Due to the change of salt balance in their body.

Why Heat Treatment?

The advantages of the thermal treatment method over the conventional methods with chemical spraying is that:


  1. There is no use of chemicals and therefore no residue.
  2. Kills all stages of insects
  3. Does not develop resistance
  4. Does not cause corrosion (e.g. as phosphine)
  5. Employees can enter the treated area during the application
  6. Not used for products but only for machines and venues
  7. Sealing of the premises and disconnection of machines are not required
Since 2011, AgroSpeCom has an exclusive partnership with TempAir which provides equipment that runs on natural gas or propane and has even greater potential with respect to volumes of treated areas in comparison to ThermoNox.

TempAir Technology

ThermoNox Treatment

Since 2011, AgroSpeCom represents TempAir across Europe. The TempAir heating machines do not recycle but add hot air in the treated areas.

In Greece the thermal disinfection technology, applies in the food industry and especially in the mills.

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