Recently AgroSpeCom / Control Union Greece applied our HEAT TREATMENT technique in a new and unique, but simultaneously miserable, environment; a temporary residency for refugees in Northern Greece.

More then 1,5 million refugees crossed into Europe since the beginning of 2015 due to major crises situations in for example Libya and especially Syria. Although there are huge initiatives undertaken to cope with this influx, and thousands of professionals and volunteers work hard every day to arrange proper living situations for these displaced people, actual situations in temporary residencies or refugee camps are often extremely poor.

Unfortunately (much too) many people packed in one place, combined with extremely low hygiene possibilities, is an ideal situation for the development of major pest populations. Consequently, residents often suffer from extreme discomfort from mites, flee and bed bugs. As you may image, traditional pest control methods such as fogging or spraying with (toxic) contact insecticides are not an option in these specific situations, but applying HEAT is. Residents only have to be replaced for up to approximately 10 hours, while their belongings and set up can remain in place and the HEAT does its work and kills all mentioned pests in all stages by reaching over 50C.

In this case, the treated locations were small, but the solution is applicable in (much) bigger locations also. CU Greece offered a major discount as per its commercial tariff so that the client, a local NGO, was able to help the people they help so selflessly.

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Photo 1: An electrical heater placed inside a room.








Photo 2: An electrical generator to provide the electricity needed.






Photo 3: Vasilis is the AgroSpeCom engineer together with 3 smiling faces








Photo 4: The treatment graph as monitored on the AgroSpeCom cloud