Controlled atmosphere Chambers

Controlled Atmosphere Chambers

The controlled atmosphere of Low Oxygen is a choice for killing insects in a product without the use of chemicals. Specific Chambers are built in each customer installations next to production lines or warehouses. With the use of patented technology the atmosphere inside the chambers is modified replacing oxygen with nitrogen and keeping the temperature to an elevated point. This way all insect stages are killed and each treatment is followed by a certificate.

AgroSpeCom is proud to use the technology of Controlled Atmosphere (CA) since 2007, having built more than 20 CA chambers in Greece. Contact us to provide you advice for constructing your own chambers.

Each chamber is equipped with dual vertical gas-tight doors and oxygen sensors and temperature. Each chamber also has a separate heating system. The chambers are connected to the central unit producing controlled atmosphere (nitrogen generator, compressor and drier). The control room is a prefabricated container and controlled by computer. The entire operation of the system is monitored and managed through special software.

Each activation and termination of the chamber activity is done either manually at the control room or online through a computer.

Each controlled atmosphere disinfestation is monitored electronically and special certificates are issued only if all fully intended conditions have been applied.
The software monitors on a real-time basis each application by using appropriate logarithms checking that the required conditions for the extermination of insects (egg, larva, pupa and adult) have been applied.
At the beginning of each insecticide application, the type of products (rice, sesame, corn, etc.) is netered in the software. Then the insect species is selected from the relative database. Each product is marked with a lot number for full traceability. The conditions of the controlled atmosphere within the chamber (room temperature, product, oxygen concentration, etc.) are monitored by special sensors which feed the software continuously for complete control of the effectiveness of each application.