AgroSpeCom receives grant for innovative heat treatment application

AgroSpeCom has received a research grant from ΚτΠ Α.Ε., and the ICT4Growth programme, to develop innovative technology for Heat Treatment (HT – also known as Thermal Remediation) applications. AgroSpeCom has been pioneering HT, which is a modern, green and environment-friendly method for pest control.

The ENTTOSOFT project is pursuing a cloud/mobile enabled system for remotely monitoring HT applications in real-time. The outcome of the project which launched in 2014, will be a unique software and hardware toolset that will significantly enhance the efficiency, safety and accuracy of HT, while driving down energy consumption and related costs. The project has already reached the field trials phase and is already demonstrating exceptional results.

In the ENTTOSOFT project, AgroSpeCom is partnering with Centaur Technologies – a high-tech company in Greece developing industrial Internet-of-Things solutions – and the  University of Thessaly, Department of Agriculture, Crop Production and Rural Environment.