Ethylene Binders

Ethylene Binders

These binders are used to ensure the safety of Fresh Produce during Storage and Transportation.

Product Description: Packed sodium permanganate in sachets or in tube type packaging, which absorbs and removes the produced ethylene in fresh fruit and vegetables.

Target: The aim is to extend the ripening time, thus increasing the shelf life and maintaining all quality features.

The opportunity: The use of this product gives a unique opportunity for the company to better manage, in terms of time, the sales of fresh fruit and vegetable in the market.

Product Advantages:

  1. Improved hygiene. The air circulating in cold storage remains free from microorganisms, fungi and ethylene.
  2. Improving the quality of products to transport container or freezers.
  3. Fruits and vegetables are slow to mature.
  4. The loss of chlorophyll delayed.
  5. Environmental pollution and the produced odors are reduced.
  6. Suitable for organic products.
  7. Safe disposal after use.

Function: Sodium permanganate is a strong oxidizing agent; it is found in the form of pellets which absorb the oxidized ethylene resulting in their color change from prurple to dark brown. Ultimately, they get colored black due to residual manganese and then its activity is stopped.

Use: Sodium permanganate in the form of pellets is either packed in bags which are placed in crates or boxes of fruit and vegetables or packed in tube-type plastic packages that are placed inside the cooling rooms of the containers. They can also be used in the case that transportation is done without cooling.

Quantity: The required quantity of product needed in each case depends on the following factors:

  1. Type of fresh product.
  2. Transport time of the product (if it is to be used for export).
  3. Quantity per container and / or box.
  4. Temperature in the container or transport temperature