Heat Treatment Equipment

Heat Treatment Equipment

AgroSpeCom is the exclusive representative of ThermoNox for Europe and selected countries in Asia.

We are at your disposal for any heat treatment equipment you need. Our experienced team will help you choose the best equipment for you area. Major parameters affecting the optimum choice of equipment relates to the construction material of the area to be treated and on how big the area is. Contact us for an offer.

ThermoNox Equipment

ThermoNox German technology at your service. The following ThermoNox equipment is available. Our experienced team will advise you on the optimum combination for your facility.

Electric heaters

The heaters are certified against ATEX and are safe for use in explosive atmospheres and have been used for over 10 years in mills and food industries. They come with 15 meters of cable, consume 18,75 kW and require 400V electric current, 50Hz, 32A. The heaters are embedded on wheels and can be moved easily by one person. Each heater can heat a volume between 350 and 500m3

Floor Fans

An industrial type of fans with vertical angle producing airflow 15.000cfm. The fans need 400V current, 50Hz, 3 phases. Their role is to divide the air space in order to stabilize the temperature at the desired level.

Electrical power distributors

The panel includes 15 power distributor sockets 32A and 2 16A sockets. Connects via 3-wire 20m of 240mm2 and includes 2 cooling fans and filters. The distributor is supported by a metal pallet and has a main power switch.

TempAir Equipment

American technology for thermal insect control via adding external air. Comprises heaters using propane or gas, evaporator, gas tank and piping. The radiators are electronically controlled and automatically adjust the supplied hot air to achieve the desired air temperature. Featured equipment includes:

THP Series Heaters


Direct-fired make-up air heaters work well in most types of construction applications, helping to control moisture and air contaminants. These heaters operate like a permanent air handler, providing evenly distributed, warm, dry air. Installed either inside or outside, THP-Series heaters draw 100% fresh air through the unit’s intake and discharge tempered air controlled by a remote thermostat. FEATURES:

  1. Electronic modulating burner controls and remote space thermostats automatically adjust gas flow, saving $$ on fuel costs.
  2. A centrifugal blower provides large volumes of air and high static pressures allowing the equipment to work well with ductwork when needed.


IDEAL FOR: Portable and versatile, these industrial fans can be used to distribute air in heating, cooling, and dehumidifying applications. Built for durability, our fans our suitable for high-temperature, dusty, or damp environments. Their high volume air movement and exchange make them ideal for structural and space drying applications.

  • Options include carts and wheels for portability
  • Fan motors are ball-bearing smooth for quiet, virtually maintenance-free operation
  • Multiple types and sizes for every application
  • Built to withstand harsh industrial and construction environments

The temperature monitoring done by wireless sensor technology, wireless signal amplifiers and receiver connected to a computer.

The sensors placed at various points on each floor as shown in the blue floor plans.

The temperature development in the diagram below:

Chart temperatures taken with wireless receivers temperatures in 25 locations in the area of ​​the mill. The temperatures were maintained at all points at approximately 55oC for 16 hours at least.

Furthermore used handheld infrared thermometers.

After each heat disinfestation shall draw up a report on the observations and conclusions.