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Room Fogger for autonomous- independent disinfections against Covid-19

  • Would you desire low-cost disinfection per booking?
  • Would you like autonomous- independent disinfection without having to expect a gang and have the control of the disinfection protocols regardless of the place of your Hotel/ Airbnb/ Yacht/ Car?
  • Would you like to be vested against devious tourists? (insured against all liability)

Then, the Room Fogger is the proper disinfection method for you!

Description of the autonomous disinfection procedure

Advantages – Method’s Analysis

  • Order one or more Room Foggers along with disinfectant capsules.
  • Every disinfectant capsule covers a space of approximately 150m3, about 60-70m For bigger spaces use 2 foggers simultaneously or for two space rooms use just one by placing the machine at a point that allows fogging to spread in both spaces.
  • Prepare the space/room as before Covid-19 era. (Cleaning, linen changing, etc.). Room Fogger is the last step before check-in. Disinfect with the Room Fogger for 5 minutes. Let the disinfectant act for 15’ and then open the windows for another 15’-20’.
  • Every disinfectant capsule has a unique code. Scan the code, fill in the room details number/yacht/space on the App and receive a Disinfection Declaration immediately after its
  • Nobody stays in the room at the time of disinfection (for 20’). Like every other disinfectant, the chemical component irritates the eyes and the respiratory system.
  • Move the fogger/machine in order to proceed with disinfection in another room either in 5’ that is immediately after fogging or after 20’ when the whole procedure finishes.
  • Enter the room wearing an FPP3 mask and Laboratory glasses to open the windows. Aerate for 15′-20.’
  • Do not clean after disinfection and don’t stay in the room without a mask.
  • Print the Declaration of Disinfection, send it as an email or show it to your guests upon their arrival to comfort them. Inform your customers before their arrival for the procedure.
  • The disinfectant is approved by EOF (National Organization for Medicines) it has a declaration for its effectiveness against Coronavirus along with a number of EN Certifications for safe contact with materials and surfaces. It also spreads without leaving stains.

10 Reasons to choose the Room Fogger

  1. Economy: minimum disinfectant capsule cost per booking.
  2. Flexibility: autonomous disinfection and lessening of cleaners’ working time.
  3. Third-party certification: immediate and automated declaration from AgroSpeCom (State’s licensed company to perform disinfections)
  4. Alacrity: light portable machine, movable from one space to another after 5’ of fogging.
  5. Loyalty: unique code per disinfectant capsule – scanning and declaring the space on the App.
  6. Automation: timed procedure before check-in
  7. Disinfectants approved by EOF: approved by the National Organization for Medicines, with certification for effectiveness against Sars-CoV-2, EN certification for safe use on materials and surfaces.
  8. Electronic Surveillance: treatments’ remote surveillance
  9. Prestige & Advertisement:bookings’ retention and growth
  10. Safety: undisputed disinfection procedure database providing legal protection against devious clients

Spaces where Room Fogger can be used

  • Hotels
  • Airbnb
  • Hostels
  • Rentals yachts/ cars/ vans/ coaches
  • Restaurants – Coffee Shops
  • Hairdressers
  • Meeting rooms
  • Venues areas
  • Health Clinics
  • Fitness Centers
  • Dancing Academies
  • Learning Facilities
  • Gathering spaces

Economic comparison with alternative disinfection methods

Alternative solutions against coronavirus are high temperature with a steam cleaner and UV radiation.

Both methods demand significant human engagement with the user of the steam cleaner or the UV lamp going all over the room and focusing on the shadowed points. The duration for the proper treatment is 20’, that is 3 rooms per hour.

Both methods demand significant human engagement with the user of the steam cleaner or the UV lamp (exposing himself in severe danger). The effectiveness of the lamp is questioned for the following reasons:

(a)  The user has to take care of covering the whole room with radiation

(b) Focus on the shadowed points due to the fact that this disinfection method is based on light.  The duration for the proper treatment is 20’, that is 3 rooms per hour.

On the other hand, the user of the Room Fogger can move the machine from one room to another every 5’. Thus, the same user with 3 machines can disinfect 10-12 rooms x 3 foggers 30-36 rooms in just one hour. If you compare 3 rooms per user per hour with the 30-36 rooms, you can see the great economy and the effectiveness that the Room Fogger offers!

The Room Fogger kit consists of

  1. A fogger machine
  2. 3Μ Mask with filter and lab glasses
  3. Disinfectant capsules
  4. Free online users’ training
  5. Free online App access and free declaration of disinfection issuance

A variety of different Room Fogger kits is available according to the needs and the capacity of your business.

20+1 Usual Questions and Answers about the Room Fogger

  1. Does it leave stains on the walls, beddings and surfaces?

The chemical disinfectant used by the Room Fogger solution does not leave stains on the walls, beddings or other surfaces.

  1. Do I have to wash the benches in the areas that are treated with the Room Fogger?

No washing or rinsing is required after the conclusion of the disinfection.

  1. Do I have to wash the plates, dishes etc?

It is better to have the disinfection treatment without having exposed the dishes, cutlery etc. Put them in a cupboard before disinfecting and if something is left out wash it afterwards.

  1. Does disinfection take place before or after cleaning?

Disinfection usually takes place after cleaning. If there is suspicion of aCovid-19 infection then disinfection takes place before cleaning in order to protect the hotel’s staff.

  1. Can I enter the room at the time of fogging?

A trained person can enter the room while treatment occurs ONLY when by wearing a mask and lab glasses. BUT it is better NOT to. Enter the room, after fogging (5’) and after the period of disinfectant’s action (15’) to open the windows for aeration.

  1. Can I enter the room without the mask and protective glasses?

No you cannot, entrance is permitted when aeration is completed.

  1. Does each disinfection treatment has a different declaration?

Yes it has, showing the date and time of treatment, the name of the hotel/company, room number or other details like area disinfected etc.

  1. Is the Declaration of Disinfection authorized?

Yes it is, because (a) it mentions a specific and approved by EOF disinfectant against SARS-CoV-2 AND (b) it is signed by AgroSpeCom which is a State’s licensed company to perform disinfections.

  1. What is the duration of a disinfection treatment with the Room Fogger;

The treatment has three stages of a total duration of 35-40’:

Fogging for 3-5’

Disinfectant’s action time 15’

Aeration for 15-20’

  1. How long after the disinfection is completed can a guest check-in?

The guest can check-in immediately after the 20 minutes aeration is completed.

  1. Does disinfection kill the insects?

Disinfection kills germs, microorganisms NOT insects. If you are interested in debugging please contact an expert of our company for an offer.

  1. If there is a Covid-19 case in the room is this disinfection method adequate or there is need of another method?

The Room Fogger Method of disinfection is adequate for a Covid-19 case.

  1. If I run out of capsules can I use other chemicals?

The method is calibrated with AgroSpeCom’s capsules. Other chemicals may ruin the machine and the declaration will not be completed through the App. It is advisable to place your order in advance to have the required stock.

  1. Can I keep the capsules for the next season?

Calculate the amount of capsules needed for this season. It it ready to use and its drastic essence must remain accurate. We can supply you according to your needs.

  1. What is the volume of the bottle of disinfectant, how many pieces are there in the package and what is the capacity of disinfection for each bottle?

The bottle contains 100ml of disinfectant and every package consists of 20 bottles. The treatable volume for each bottle is a volume of up to 150m3, that is a room of about 60-70m2. If the volume is bigger, then two foggers can be used simultaneously. If the space to be treated consists of two rooms then the machine can be placed at a point that gives the fogging access to both rooms. If that is not possible, then disinfection treatment must apply in succession.

  1. In order to download the AgroSpeCom Room Fogger App do I have to visit GooglePlay and iTunes?

No, it is a web-App. You just write on your web browser of your cell phone.

  1. Can I create my account on myself?

Username & password are generated by AgroSpeCom with the purchase of a Room Fogger kit.

  1. Can I have access to my account using my username & password from another device or just the one registered the first time?

You can have access from any device, mobile, tablet, PC.

  1. Can 2 users with the same username & password use the App at the same time?

Yes, they can.

  1. Can I have the history of all the disinfection treatments for every room/yacht/car on my account?

Yes, every treatment is saved on the App.

  1. Do I pass over the declaration to my client?

Of course! It is the only procedure that issues a declaration of disinfection from a third party. You can (a) show the declaration during check-in at the reception, (b) send it by email or (c) print it and leave it in the room.

For information or for a Room Fogger kit Offer

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