AgroSpeCom organizes the seminar “Health dangers in Hotels” in Park Hotel, Volos, on May 16th, 2016.

This high quality seminar specializes on health and hygiene problems in hotels, offering solutions and preventive measures.

Dr. Christos Athanasiou professor of entomology from the University of Thessaly presents on insects and public health. The manager of AgroSpeCom Mr. Vasilis Sotiroudas introduces new technologies in food safety in hotels. Iro Kapirti, AgroSpeCom quality systems inspector, informs about the new legislation in hotels. Finally Mr. Nikos Bakaris, the Veterinarian of AgroSpeCom presents on food poisoning & Legionella crisis management.

The seminar is organized with the help of the hotel Union of Magnesiacounty and has many participants from the biggest hotels in Magnesia. View the program here