Room Fogger for autonomous-independent disinfections against Covid-19

AgroSpeCom, Disinfections and Pest Management company, is active in Greece since 1980 focusing on the fields of HORECA and Food Industry. AgroSpeCom only employs scientists. Room Fogger for autonomous- independent disinfections against Covid-19 Would you desire low-cost disinfection per booking? Would you like autonomous- independent disinfection without having to expect a gang and have the control of the disinfection protocols regardless of the place of your Hotel/ Airbnb/ Yacht/ Car? Would you like to be vested against devious tourists? (insured against all liability) Then, the Room Fogger is the proper disinfection method for you! Description of the autonomous disinfection procedure Advantages – Method’s Analysis Order one or more Room Foggers along with disinfectant capsules. Every disinfectant capsule covers a space of approximately 150m3, about 60-70m For bigger spaces use 2 foggers simultaneously or for two space rooms use just one by placing the machine at a point that allows fogging to spread in both spaces. Prepare the space/room as before Covid-19 era. (Cleaning, linen changing, etc.). Room Fogger is the last step before check-in. Disinfect with the Room Fogger for 5 minutes. Let the disinfectant act for 15’ and then open the windows for another 15’-20’. Every disinfectant capsule has a unique code. Scan the code, fill in the room details number/yacht/space on the App and receive a Disinfection Declaration immediately after its Nobody stays in the room at the time of disinfection (for 20’). Like every other disinfectant, the chemical component irritates the eyes and the respiratory system. Move the fogger/machine in order to proceed with disinfection in another room either in 5’ that is immediately after fogging or after 20’... read more